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The success of fotoModesto 2018 is a group effort between our artists, venues, sponsors and local media. In order to better spread the word regarding fotoModesto 2018 we are providing several logos in addition to sample copy that can be used in the promotion of the event. Feel free to use and tweak the materials to suit your style.

fotoModesto Logo

We ask that you display the fotoModesto logo on your website, social media accounts and all printed materials you may produce relating to the event. To download just click on the version you would like. When the image opens right click and select save image as.

fotoModesto logo
fotoModesto logo
fotoModesto logo
fotoModesto logo long format

fotoModesto Sample Copy

Tag Line

A month long celebration of the photographic arts.

Mission Statement

Our guiding philosophy is the the promotion, exploration, and celebration of the photographic arts through artist exhibitions, community events and educational opportunities. Our goal is to expose the public to the photographic art form while spotlighting local talent, as represented by area photo clubs, as well as individuals who are considered to be excellent examples in their respective genres.


Success of fotoModesto 2017 and looking forward to 2018

Our premiere event was held in February of 2017 during which 90 photographers exhibited their talents at 22 venues throughout Modesto. The experience was a huge success and has lead to the event growing to include more artist, venues and events for 2018.

Concept Text

The proliferation of cell phone cameras and other picture taking devices has turned us into a nation of photographers. At the same time the physical display of artwork, specifically photography, in the Modesto area is becoming increasingly difficult to come by as many of the area galleries have closed in recent years.  This has lead to far to many beautiful pieces of art existing only in a digital format and has kept the local photography community from sharing their artwork in a meaningful way.


fotoModesto is an opportunity to change that, to allow artists to showcase their artwork in public spaces, provide educational opportunities to those who wish to learn, further the advancement of photography as an art form and to allow artists to share their passion for the betterment of the community at large.

Participating Venue Announcement Sample #1

[Business Name] is thrilled to be taking part in fotoModesto, our local month of photography event, in February. Be sure to stop by during the month to see the work of [Artist(s) name] and see some of the special things (including sales) we have planned. #fotoModesto

Participating Venue Announcement Sample #2

fotoModesto will be taking over the town in February and we're going to be a part of it! Stop by [Business Name] during our local month of photography to see the work of [Artist(s) name] and checkout what's new in the store/on the menu! #fotoModesto

Participating Artist Announcement Sample #1

I'll be taking part in fotoModesto in February! Be sure to stop by [Venue Name] during our local month of photography to see my work. #fotoModesto

Participating Artist Announcement Sample #1

I'm exciting to be one of the artist in the upcoming fotoModesto in February when photography takes over Modesto! I'll be showing my work at the wonderful [Venue Name]. More info on receptions and events as we get closer. #fotoModesto

Social Media Hashtag

We ask that you include the hashtag, #fotoModesto, in all of your posts and marketing. This will allow people to easily find us on social media and also see your post when simply looking for info on the event. It's a win-win.

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