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fotoModesto is a month long celebration of the photographic arts. Our guiding philosophy is the the promotion, exploration, and celebration of the photographic arts through artist exhibitions, community events and educational opportunities. Our goal is to expose the public to the photographic art form while spotlighting local talent, as represented by area photo clubs, as well as individuals who are considered to be excellent examples in their respective genres. Our premiere event was held in February of 2017 during which 90 photographers exhibited their talents at 22 venues throughout Modesto. The experience was a huge success and has lead to the event growing to include more artist, venues and events for 2018.

Why fotoModesto?

The proliferation of cell phone cameras and other picture taking devices has turned us into a nation of photographers. At the same time the physical display of artwork, specifically photography in the Modesto area is becoming increasingly difficult to come by as many of the area galleries have closed in recent years.  This has lead to far too many beautiful pieces of art existing only in a digital format and has kept the local photography community from sharing their artwork in a meaningful way.


fotoModesto is an opportunity to change that, to allow artists to showcase their artwork in public spaces, provide educational opportunities to those who wish to learn, further the advancement of photography as an art form and to allow artists to share their passion for the betterment of the community at large.

What is fotoModesto?

How does it work?

The core of fotoModesto is the art exhibitions scattered, primarily, throughout Downtown Modesto but also including McHenry Village and Modesto Junior College. Multiple galleries, museums and businesses throughout these areas host a month long art exhibit focused solely on photography and photographers. 

In addition to the exhibitions the month is host to a number of events related to photography from artists receptions, photography classes, outings, lectures, presentations, photo walks, pop-up events and more.

Can I participate?

Absolutely, there are a number of ways you can participate as either an artist or host venue.



In addition to the invitational shows featuring some of the areas most talented and well known artists we are also looking for new artists to participate in solo and small group shows in addition to a planned juried competition. We will soon announce a call for portfolios for solo and small group shows. We will ask you submit a portfolio of 8-10 images of a consistent theme along with an artist bio and CV. You are free to submit multiple portfolios consisting of different themes. So, signup for our mailing list to be informed when submissions will be accepted and get your portfolio ready. We want to see your work!

Host Venue

Do you own a business or space that would make a great location for a show? Hosting a show during fotoModesto is a great way to increase foot traffic to your business while supporting the local art scene. Contact the fotoModesto planning team and we'll discuss how we can work together for fotoModesto 2018.

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