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Best of the Best Photo Exhibit

February 5th - March 1st  

Mistlin Gallery | 1015 J. St. Modesto, CA

Best of the Best 2019


This year, fotoMODESTO has focused their efforts on identifying a small group of the best photographers in the Modesto area. A portfolio of their work and a brief statement of their approach to their art are on display in the Mistlin Gallery for your enjoyment. You will be able to see and compare the different paths that photographers take in order to make their own, unique statement as to how they see the world through the eyes of a camera.


When: February 5th - March 1st 2019

Where: Mistlin Gallery

              1015 J. St. Modesto, CA

Reception for artists: Thursday, February 21, 2019, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

A $10 Donation is appreciated to help fotoModesto continue to bring one-of-a-kind events to the Central Valley.

In addition to the main exhibit, there are several other activities that may be of interest to patrons:

There are also several other auxiliary photography exhibits in the Modesto area during fotoMODESTO month

  • Travel America, an exhibit of David Schroeder’s travel photography is on display at Candy’s Carefree Travel in McHenry Village.

  • John Wynn (landscape and nature) and Jeremy Center (portraits) are sharing an exhibit at Preservation Coffee.  J Street, Modesto

  • The Photo Collective’s annual show is currently on display at the McHenry Museum

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